Our Learning Vehicles

The Rolleston College Cirriculum is designed to maximise the learning opportunities provided within purpose built, modern and adaptable spaces. 

Vehicles for Learning

The curriculum framework will provide a wide range of personalised and collaborative learning experiences ensuring coverage of all aspects of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC, 2007).

These experiences are designed to ensure that the delivery of learning is innovative, learner centred, skills relevant and flexible to the needs of all learners.

The Rolleston College Curriculum and the Rolleston Spirit are aligned to the school’s vision and its aim to empower, develop and provide opportunities to transform learners with the various communities that they exist within.

The Learning Vehicles 

Three primary Learning Vehicles are designed to deliver this curriculum at both the junior and senior level. They provide the framework to nurture the learner during their junior years as well as to successfully transition them into the senior school and beyond.

They have the combined aim of providing pathways to enable learners to develop the competencies they need for lifelong learning, success, self-confidence and joy.

They are designed to ensure that they provide the opportunity to develop not only content, but also the critical skills necessary to appropriately use that knowledge independently.

The school day will be divided into three basic learning periods that will provide learners with opportunities to have a number of learning experiences appropriate to their needs.

Learning in the Junior School

Ako Learning

​​​​​​​This is where learners meet with their learning coach to monitor their progress, develop their personalised (Inquiry) programme and develop their individual literacy programme.

Connected Learning​​​​​​​

Connected learning is a multi-disciplinary approach to skill and knowledge development. It is delivered in a collaborative environment with opportunities for individual and small group work.

The content is appropriate to the context and the focus is on delivering not only knowledge but also skill and disposition development in a learning environment that is authentic and flexible.

Selected Learning

Selected learning is where learners can choose from a rotating menu of Technology, Arts, Language and Enrichment options. It is also where the Physical Education and Health programme will focus on involvement and movement and the development of the well-being of all learners.

There is also the possibility for flexibility between these three environments depending on individual learner needs.