Te Kete Tauri

Te kete tauri is one of the three Māori kete (baskets) of knowledge. Te kete tauri refers to energy which operate behind our perceptions, and the realities behind the colours, shapes, smell and sounds we perceive. It is the knowledge of a world of cosmic processes and the rhythmic patterns of energy which uphold and sustain life.


In the Arts we refer to Dance, Music, Painting and Drawing.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for our learners. Students with lot's of experience or little to no experience in these areas can partake in the Arts. They can do this as either a class, or as part one of our clubs. Students also have the opportunity to engage in external groups who Rolleston College - Horoeka Haemata are linked to.

Senior Art Portfolio is a journey for our learners. Who bring to life their ideas and concepts throughout the year.





Vocal Group


Dance NZ Made

Art Exhibition

Variety Concert

X-Factor RC

Big Sing