CASE (Co-curricular)

Ngā kete o te wānanga

C.A.S.E which stands for Cultural, Arts, Sport and Education Outside the Classroom was established by the foundation staff when Rolleston College - Horoeka Haemata first began.

Over time we have seen C.A.S.E grow as our community has grown. We want to give all our learners as many opportunities as possible.

Ngā kete o te wānanga these are the three baskets of knowledge obtained for mankind by the god Tāne, known primarily as the god of the forests and all that dwells within them. To acquire the baskets of knowledge, Tāne had to ascend to the twelfth heaven, to Te Toi-o-ngā-rangi, and there be ushered into the presence of the Supreme God, of Io-matua-kore himself, to make his request. The request was granted and hence the knowledge we now have in our possession (Source Te AKa)

We refer to CASE as baskets of knowledge that our students can take into their procession. Once they have chosen a basket, we encourage them to thrive, learn, and excel. We want all our student to have this opportunity, to be able to have in possession as many baskets as possible.