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Course Selection Junior

Year 9 Rotation 2 Selected Choices Process

Junior Selected choices are made through our online course selection tool, School Point. School Point allows learners and parents/caregivers to look at the rotation 2 2021 Selected courses that are available, and to make informed decisions together. The choices available at present are for rotation 2 only and learners will have the chance to choose again throughout the year from another range of Selected options. The second rotation begins Wednesday 7th April, the week following Easter.

Access to school point is via our KAMAR portal on this website using the drop down menu ‘Learner Information’. 

Once you have logged into School Point to choose your courses go to ‘COURSES I HAVE SELECTED’ on the left hand menu then ‘COURSES FOR ME’. This will give you the full details on courses available. Make your preferred choices first, then the back ups. Alternatively, you can see a video of instructions at  (insert screen cast link here)

Course selections can be altered and changed and will remain open until the end of Ako, 10am of Monday 22nd March. Learners will also have the chance to discuss course selections with their Ako Coach

Selected courses will be confirmed by Monday 29th April and there are minimal stationery requirements for year 9 courses. 

Should you have any queries regarding this letter please contact your child’s Ako Coach.


Click on the below link to take you to instructions on how to pick you choices in School Point