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Our Timetable:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.50-10.30 AKO CON AKO AKO CON
11.00-12.40 CON SEL1 CON  PE SEL2
1.20-3.00 SEL1 AKO SEL2 CON AKO


  • The start time is 8.50 every day and lessons finish at 3.00 pm except for Wednesday which is 2.20pm for sport.
  • All lessons are 100 minutes except for Wednesdays which are 90 minutes.


Timetable Key:

  • AKO = Ako Learning. This is where learners meet their Learning Coach to monitor their progress, develop their personalised (Inquiry) programme and develop their individual literacy & numeracy programme.
  • CON = Connected Learning.Connected learning is a multi-disciplinary approach to skill and knowledge development. It is delivered in a collaborative environment with opportunities for individual and small group work. The Learning Areas in this block will be English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Health.
  • PE = Health and Physical Education. Every learner will have 100 minutes of physical and health related activities each week.
  • SEL= Selected Learning. The two coloured spaces on the timetable are an example of how the selected options your child chooses might fit into the week. All learners choose two options per term making eight in total over the year.