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 Lesson 18:508:508:308:508:50
Break 110:0510:059:4510:0510:05
 Lesson 210:1010:109:5010:1010:10
Break 211:2511:2511:0511:2511:25
 Lesson 311.5011.5011:3011.5011.50
 Lesson 41:451:451:151:451:45
Our Timetable:
  • Each day has 4 lessons of 75 mins
  • The start time is 8.50 and finish time is 3:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • On Wednesday the start time is 8.30 and there is an early finish at 2:30 to allow for the Christchurch Town Sport Competition.

Timetable Key:

  • AKO = Ako Learning. This is where learners meet their Ako Coach to monitor their progress, develop their personalised (Quest) programme and look at a kete of Hauora tools to support their learning.
  • ADV = Advisory is taken by all Year 12 and 13 learners. Their Advisory Coach works with the learner and tracks their academic and wellbeing progress. 
  • CON = Connected Learning. Connected learning is a multi-disciplinary approach to skill and knowledge development. It is delivered in a collaborative environment with opportunities for individual and small group work. The Learning Areas in this block will be English, Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Health.
  • HPE = Health and Physical Education. Every learner will have 100 minutes of physical and health related activities each week.
  • SEL= Selected Learning. All learners choose two options per term making eight in total over the year.