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Our Whānau

The Rolleston College Curriculum is designed to maximise the learning opportunities provided within purpose built, modern and adaptable spaces.

Our Whānau

He kākano i ruia mai i Rangiatea The seed will not be lost.

To create a sense of community where learners can develop a strong sense of belonging, identity, responsibility and spirit each learner will be placed in a Whānau where they become part of an extended learning family. Your child will belong to a group that will have a teacher as a Learning Coach for the duration of their time at Rolleston College who will be the main point of contact for you and your child during their time at school.

Each Whānau will develop a culture that celebrates involvement and co-operation as well as fostering a healthy sense of inter whānau competition.


Whānau Identity

Our Whānau are named after the four seasons:

Raumati – Summer – Yellow

Ngahuru – Autumn – Red

Hōtoke – Winter – Blue

Kōanga – Spring – Green


The four seasons acknowledge both Ngāi Tahu, as the original inhabitants of this area, as well as Selwyn’s distinct seasonal variation. This is our way of embracing our connection with our community and the geography of our local area.

We see the seasons as being distinct and different but ultimately combining to make a whole. It is this combined entity that is more powerful than the individual components.

One season by itself is strong but all four give and nurture life and so are greater than the individual parts. This reflects a learner’s journey through secondary school where the progression of the four seasons is similar to a learner progressing through the year levels.

It is a journey full of challenges but ultimately also full of growth and development, where each stage adds to completing the whole person.

As a school we see individuals as strong but when they work as part of a community they are stronger.