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The Ako Learning Coach is the first point of contact for you and your child. Listed below are the Senior Leader associated with the Whānau and the Learning Coaches and their Ako group.

Name Email Whanau Role Cipher
Mr Hayden Shaw Senior Leader/ 3ADVH1 SHW
Mrs Sarah Forward Ako Leader FRW
Mr Kieran Rae 3ADVH2 RAE
Mrs Stephanie Charles 2ADVH1 CHR
Mr Teryn Proracki 2ADVH2 PRR
Ms Alice Todhunter HTK1 TDH
Ms Hannah Watson HTK2 WTS
Ms Nicole Symons HTK3 SYM
Mrs Danielle Galway HTK4 GLW
Mrs Holly Swift HTK5 SWF
Mr Kevin Hoy HTK6 HYK
Ms Haley Payne HTK7 PNE
Mrs Aldine Vorbeck HTK8 VRB
Ms Gabby Thomas HTK9 THM
Ms Carolyn Green GRN
Mr Julius Ndondo NDD
Mr Murray Hobbs HBB
Ms Laura Gallacher GLL