Wellbeing and Academic Queries

To create a sense of community where learners can develop a strong sense of belonging, identity, responsibility and spirit, all learners are placed into a Whānau where they become part of an extended learning family. Within each whānau, learners belong to an Ako Class with a dedicated Learning (Ako or Advisory) Coach and Ako Leader. They will help guide and monitor a learner's academic progress and wellbeing for the duration of their time at Rolleston College. And are overseen by one of our fabulous Whanau Leaders or Deputy Principals.

We appreciate that College life can sometimes be overwhelming and challenging to navigate. If you have any wellbeing or academic concerns, we encourage you to contact your learners (1) Ako or Advisory Coach in the first instance. As a familiar staff member, often across your learners' day-to-day school life, they will be able to talk directly to or investigate any concerns, direct and support you through the process. If you don't feel this is enough, your learners (2) Ako Leader should also be able to assist. There are times where things don't always go to plan, and it may require senior-level intervention, then the next avenue is (3) our Whanau Leaders or Deputy Principals.