Parent Teacher Association

The next meeting for the Rolleston College PTA is Monday 20th March 7-8pm in our college library.

We are looking for people who are keen on the following positions: President, Treasurer, & Secretary.

We are also looking for folks who are keen to volunteer and be part of the Parent Teacher Association.

If you would like more details about any of the positions please see the information below. Should you have any questions regarding these positions please contact

The Role of a PTA President 

The main role of the President is to ‘lead’ the team. 

Effective leaders are: 

  • Task specialists and people specialists 

  • A good leader chooses not to use power, but instead uses strategies to build a team. 

The role includes:

  • Encourage participation, growth of committee members, respect and thoughtfulness, fun and laughter 

  • Monitor what is being done by the organisation – have a good overview 

  • Evaluate any programmes/projects that are underway and be a facilitator 

  • Delegate – some people in the organisation have better skills than you in certain areas– give them the jobs (more about that later) 

  • Plan for change, development of members and the organisation 

  • Keep a clear view of the organisation in mind – use flow charts, mind maps etc 

  • Liaise with all the necessary people – e.g. Principal, teachers, Board of Trustees, other parents who are not on the PTA Committee.

The Role of a PTA Secretary

This position offers an exciting opportunity to develop valuable organisation skills which can be useful in other areas of work and life. 

Getting Started To be a PTA secretary it is good to be: 

  • Organised 

  • Keep good records & record activities 

  • Take action promptly  

  • Work well within a group 

  • Multi-task Key Tasks These will be set either in your constitutions or in discussion among the group, but generally, they consist of: 

  • Minute taking and circulation 

  • Clearing the mail-box 

  • Recording and responding to all inward and outward correspondence 

  • Liaise with the President – organising the agenda and general running of the organisation and meetings 

  • Attend committee meetings 

  • Keep comprehensive records e.g. procedures for new entrants’, purchase of goods etc 

Whereas the President may be said to be the ‘head’ of the organisation, the secretary is often the ‘heart’ of it as most things come across their desks and they often deal with those outside the committee as they are the ones who follow up on resolutions/mail/phone calls etc that come from the meeting

The Role of a PTA Treasurer

This position offers an exciting opportunity to develop valuable accounting and organisation skills which can be useful in other areas of work and life. Though it is useful to have someone slightly familiar with bookkeeping, it is not essential. 

Getting Started To be a PTA treasurer it is good to be: 

  • Organised & able to allocate regular time periods to maintain the books 

  • Able to keep good records & careful with the handling of money 

  • Able to work in a logical, orderly manner 

  • Be willing to learn new skills if necessary Treasurer’s Duties 

The treasurer is responsible for the financial management of the PTA and may be expected to carry out the following list of duties: 

  • Ensuring money received is banked promptly 

  • Monitoring cash flow 

  • Keeping good and accurate records 

  • Issuing receipts if necessary 

  • Regular reports to committee/organisation 

  • Pay accounts on time 

  • Be one of the signatories on the PTA bank account (with at least 2 other people)

  • Having records ready for audit/review at the end of the financial year 

  • File GST reports (if your PTA is GST registered) 

  • Be part of a budget planning committee if required