Success through the years

At Rolleston College Horoeka Haemata, we take immense pride in fostering an environment where education thrives with the learner at the centre. Our vision for each year level is rooted in personal growth, ensuring that every student not only learns academic skills but also hones essential abilities for their future. We believe in empowering students to learn not just for exams but for life, equipping them with the tools they need to navigate the challenges ahead. At Rolleston College, education is more than just classroom lessons; it's a journey of discovery and self-improvement, preparing each student for the opportunities that await them beyond graduation.

Year 9: Opportunity and challenge

The Rolleston College academic vision for a year 9 learner is centred around fostering an environment of opportunity and challenge, where learners are encouraged to embrace the journey of learning how to learn. It emphasises the importance of trying new things, cultivating positive relationships and building on prior literacy and numeracy skills.  

The vision prioritises the discovery of one's learning place, providing experiences that lead to success, and facilitating meaningful connections in learning. By instilling these values, Rolleston College aims to empower year 9 learners to navigate their academic paths with confidence and enthusiasm, laying the foundation for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

Year 10: Delving deeper

The Rolleston College academic vision for a year 10 learner is continuing to foster a holistic educational experience that prioritizes the consolidation of literacy and numeracy skills while encouraging learners to delve deeper into various curriculum areas and begin to showcase expertise in specific subjects. 

Emphasis is placed on positively engaging in learning, promoting higher-order thinking skills, and providing opportunities for learners to continue to explore different pathways. The vision underscores the importance of building skills and knowledge essential for academic success in NCEA, thereby laying strong foundations for future academic pursuits.

Year 11: Strive for success

The Rolleston College academic vision for a year 11 learner is centred on building upon the foundational learning habits established in years 9 and 10, with a focus on applying these skills to the formal qualification process of NCEA. 

Learners are encouraged to maintain their inquisitive nature and strive for success in their learning endeavours. The vision highlights the importance of recognising the link between subject choices and potential career pathways, while also emphasising the acquisition of co-requisites and achieving success at Level 1. 

Additionally, learners are supported in developing organisational and study habits crucial for academic progression, all while continuing to explore a diverse range of subject areas to broaden their educational horizons.

Year 12: Academic and vocational excellence

The Rolleston College academic vision for a year 12 learner is dedicated to fostering the growth of individual strengths in more specialised areas while simultaneously encouraging students to consider their future pathways. 

Emphasising positive engagement in learning, the vision promotes the development of independence in academic pursuits, preparing students to navigate their educational journeys with confidence. It underscores the importance of keeping both academic and vocational pathways open to ensure a wide array of career choices, allowing learners to pursue their passions.

Ultimately, the vision encourages year 12 learners to strive for their academic excellence as they embark on the next phase of their educational and professional lives.

Year 13: Career ready

The Rolleston College academic vision for a year 13 learner is focused on fostering specialist and independent study skills while working towards the attainment of Level 3 and University Entrance qualifications. 

With a high level of engagement, learners are encouraged to integrate the self-exploration undertaken in previous years with the experiences gained to begin aiming for transitions beyond school, all while keeping pathways open for diverse career choices. 

Serving as role models within the academic community, year 13 learners are expected to demonstrate commitment to their studies and exhibit leadership qualities as they prepare for the next phase of their educational and professional endeavours.