Our Hauora Team

As a college, we want to support every learner who is finding their studies or general life more difficult than usual. Our team of counsellors aim to help learners navigate through these difficult times by helping them to find their own solution, coping strategies or linking them in with external agencies. 

There are a vast array of reasons why a student may wish to see a counsellor, including:

  • Struggling with mental health, emotions or stress.

  • Dealing with grief, relationships or addictions issues. 

  • Concerned for their self, a friend or a whanau member. 

  • Concerned for their personal and/or physical safety.  

Our counselling team offer a free and confidential service for learners. They accept self-referrals, or referrals from whanau and staff who are concerned about a learner. Referrals for our counselling team should be sent to 

Our Counsellors

Our counsellors at Rolleston College have diverse sets of knowledge, skills and experience. Each counsellor is appropriately trained and maintains a professional registration with an external association.  


I am excited to be joining the counselling team at Rolleston College in 2023. I bring a wealth of experience from my previous roles as a school counsellor, technology teacher and tradie. I look forward to supporting our students, staff and whanau. Outside of work, I am a fly-fisher, motorcycle enthusiast and a family man. 


I have been with the Rolleston counselling team since July 2022, to assist and support our ākonga (learners) in their growth and wellbeing, with their whānau and the school community. Being a listener, caring for feelings, knowing and valuing each other; together finding solutions to problems and ways to be all of who we are.


I joined the Rolleston College counselling team in Term 3 2023. For many years, I have run a private counselling practice, aiming to bring people to an understanding of their feelings and themselves - creating balance and clarity for steps forward. It is my pleasure now to work in support of the akonga, whanau and staff at Rolleston College

Health Services 

The Rolleston College Nurses are experienced and qualified in the health care of adolescents. They are
from the Te Tahi Youth Team (formerly 298), who are the leaders of youth health care in Canterbury.
Nurses provide:
 Youth health assessments
 Vision and hearing screening
 Injury assessment and care including ACC
 Period support
 Contraception
 Prescriptions for common conditions
 A friendly place to sit and talk about anything!

All care is private and confidential for your young person, but we will work in partnership with parents and caregivers when they prefer.

Our Nurses


"Hi, I have worked as a school-based nurse in Canterbury and Tasman and am super excited to be here at beautiful Rolleston College. What I love about working with young people is their energy and fresh outlook on life, and I know that the ups and downs of adolescence can be rough but there’s always
something good coming!"

"Hey! I am a paediatric trained nurse with many years experience and I am super excited to be working as a school-based nurse. I love interacting with young people. I find them engaging and intriguing! With adolescence comes challenges, but with support these challenges can be met. Using determination and integrity this can lead to a bright and healthy future."

The Nurse Clinic is: 

  • a self referral clinic via reception

  • Open between 8.30am - 3.30pm, Monday to Friday

  • Supported by Reception staff who are first aid trained

  • Situated in the Administration building