Enrolment policy & procedures

Rolleston College Board of Trustees Enrolment Scheme

Rolleston College Board of Trustees Enrolment Scheme

In terms of the Education Act 1989, section 11H(1), the Ministry of Education has identified that overcrowding is likely at Rolleston College. The Board of Trustees recognises the need to manage the school roll having regard to the goals set out in the School’s Charter. The Board is therefore proceeding to implement an enrolment scheme to ensure that it serve the needs of local students and to provide quality education.


  • To ensure that there are places for children who have Rolleston College as their closest secondary school.
  • To ensure that others who apply for places in the school are treated fairly.


Automatic right of attendance for students living in the home zone described below:

Students whose usual place of residence is within the following geographical zone:

The student’s usual place of residence must be within the home zone. The Board will require proof of residency within the home zone.

Section11E of the Education Act 1989 states that “a state school’s home zone must be defined by geographic boundaries, and must be described in such a way that any given address is either within or outside the home zone.” The list above is defining a location as “in-zone”.

Rolleston College will not be accepting out of zone enrolments at this stage

Appropriate maps outlining the school home zone will be available at the school, on the school website and on the Ministry of Education school search site http://nzschools.tki.org.nz/ to give guidance in identifying Rolleston College’s geographical zone.

The Board will assist the Principal to monitor roll trends and enrolments to ensure that the application of the scheme is consistent and fair to all.

The Board expects that parents / caregivers will act within the spirit intended by this policy.The Board reserves the right to review, amend, suspend or abandon this policy subject to the Education Amendment Act (No2) 1998 Sections 11J and 11K.

The decisions made by the Board and Principal with respect to applications for enrolment and using the criteria outlined above will be final.