E-Learning & Device Specs

Bring Your Own Device

E-Learning at Rolleston College

The demands of our global and technology-focused economy is leading schools to place increased emphasis on students being creators of their own knowledge.

ICT will be integrated across the school at all levels and in a range of contexts to allow for anytime, anywhere learning. The use of ICT will support and be unique to both school design and learning design. Technology is rapidly morphing from a tool used to enhance learning to one that transforms it.

Opportunities will exist to create and build on networks that exist within the college, in the local community and globally depending on the context and scope of the learning.


The E-Portfolio: Our Record of Learning

The purpose of the e-portfolio is for learners to showcase work that they are proud of and/or to show progress and significant learning. E-Portfolios provide exhibit space for learners to curate and display their work.

Learners will organise and select their learning to share with with their Learning Coach and with people at home. An e-portfolio website will be created and maintained by each learner as a record of their learning, which is expected to be shared with their parents and Ako learning coach. This e-portfolio is the center of our biannual parent-teacher meetings.

We are encouraging B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device) technology paired with ultra-fast broadband internet to help create a ‘connected curriculum’ where education is reliable and available for all learners.

The use of digital technologies is important in a future-focused education and is in line with developing NCEA practice, which announced that NCEA examinations will be completed, where appropriate, on digital devices from the year 2020.

Learners are welcome to connect their smart phones to the school’s ultra-fast wifi network, however smart phones can be a distraction and are deemed an ‘ask first’ device during lesson time.

Device Specifications

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Other Considerations

Security and Damages

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