General Stationery List

Partnership Benefits

Rolleston College has partnered with OfficeMax MySchool to make shopping for school stationery quick and easy. Prior to the start of each school year, Rolleston College loads the stationery lists for each year and subject onto the OfficeMax MySchool website. This gives parents and caregivers the convenience of ordering online at excellent “Back to School” prices while ensuring students are purchasing and using the correct items required for their learning.

All of the class book packs are just a click away to being delivered to your door at amazing prices. The “open shopping cart system” means you can delete items you already have from your pack OR add in extras you might need for around home. You can also login in at any stage during the year and purchase other items you may need.

Ordering online through OfficeMax MySchool has the following benefits:

  • Free delivery on orders over $57.50. 
  • Save time by buying online.  
  • Multiple payment options – including secure internet banking, credit/debit card and cash at your local OfficeMax store
  • If you find a lower price elsewhere, OfficeMax will match it * Conditions apply, see for details.
  • By using the OfficeMax MySchool ordering system, you are also helping Rolleston College. We gain rewards that we can use for student and classroom resources.  
  • For families without online access, you can pop into the OfficeMax retail store and the helpful staff can download the order form and help you make your purchases.

Stationery Considerations

Before you order stationery, please note:

  • All year levels have a general stationery list to support their learning throughout the year. Depending on your selected  subject choices, there may be additional stationery requirements. Keep in mind that items may need to be replenished throughout the year, depending on learner use.
  • We recommend only buying the items of stationery you do not have. Your child is welcome to bring items from home, perhaps purchased from previous years such as erasers, scientific calculators and padlocks for the lockers if they already have one.  
  • If more than one subject has the same stationery item listed, use your discretion as to how many you buy. Many of our subjects come with clearfiles to store their work throughout the year and can be repurposed the following year to save money.
  • In addition to the stationery items, a CanDo Card will be issued for $10 through the school. The Cando card is a multi-purpose card for use both within school and outside. Its benefits are; Photo ID –  It is widely recognised as a student ID card allowing student discounts at many stores and providing proof of age for use at the movies etc.Printing – It is preloaded with a small amount of print credit for use with the school printers, allowing learners to access and print work at school. Print credit can be topped up via reception at any time throughout the year for any amount over $2. School library – A fast and efficient way to issue books from the school library using the self service kiosks and your CanDo card. MetroCard – It also doubles as a Metro Card which can be topped up anywhere you top up your Metro Card and used on the Metro bus system.
  • Art Kits are able to be purchased from National Art Supplies at a small cost using the following link. (National Art Supplies Link) While the same items can be purchased separately from other art suppliers, we believe the quality of the items and the fact that the pack is individually labelled, delivered to school and ready for the start of the school year provides excellent value for money and convenience.

How to Order

To order general and selected stationery items online via Office Max 

  1. Go to
  2. Type “Rolleston College” and select it as it appears below where you typed
  3. Enter your child’s name (please ignore student ID section)
  4. Select the year level your child will be in, click “Save & Continue”. A list of all the subjects and items your child requires will appear. You can add and remove items by adjusting the number in the “Qty” column. You can buy other products by scrolling to the top of the page and clicking on the “Products” tab.
  5. If you have other children at school you can scroll to the bottom of the page and “add another student” at any time.
  6. When you have completed your order you select your order method, select the date you wish your order to be delivered, enter your delivery address and make your payment.

If you have any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for supporting Rolleston College