Junior Uniform

Junior uniform is to be worn by our Year 9 and Year 10 students

Junior Uniform

The Rolleston College Junior School Uniform (Years 9 and 10) includes:

  • Junior school polo available in silver, cyan and purple.
  • Your choice of a dark navy tailored skirt, tailored pants, tailored shorts or cargo shorts, or a Ie Faitaga.
  • For cooler days, the Junior Uniform can be worn with the College Jersey, Softshell or Fleece.
  • A navy or black thermal long-sleeve can be worn under the polo shirt in winter.
  • Shoes will be any plain black, closed-toe, flat non-branded shoe or sneaker.
  • Socks will be any length and either navy or black. Winter tights can be black or navy.
  • During Terms 1 and 4, plain black sandals with a back strap may be worn in place of black shoes and socks.

At Rolleston College, we appreciate the importance of a school uniform and its ability to instill a sense of community identity and school pride.

Learners are expected to take pride in the presentation of their uniform. Correct uniform is expected in the following contexts:

  • School uniform should be worn when traveling between home and school, while at school and when representing the College at functions away from school.
  • Learners who compete at inter-school competitions and or matches. (Our senior teams will wear our Senior Uniform to and from Saturday fixtures).
  • Learners will be checked regularly for correct and full uniform.
  • If any part of the uniform cannot be worn correctly, a note explaining the matter should be given to the Whanau Leadership, and a replacement uniform may be issued on the day concerned.
  • Any exceptions should be discussed with your Whanau Leader
  • We encourage all uniform items to be clearly named so they can be easily returned if misplaced.

The uniform can be purchased online from NZUniforms or in store at 455 Blenheim Road, Sockburn.


Developed in consultation with our wider school community, the uniform is intended to be inclusive, gender-neutral and allows for individual flexibility and choice. Our chosen colours (navy, grape, silver and cyan) represent the colours found in our local area, the Lancewood, and present many of our contributing school uniforms. Worn all year round the Junior Uniform is designed for active learners, while our Senior Uniform prepares learners to be work ready and for life outside the College.

In winter, navy or black tights can be worn, and a thermal long-sleeve (navy or black) top can be added under a polo shirt to protect them from the cold. Alternatively, our plain black jacket can be worn to and from school or on the sports sidelines an extra layer to keep our learners dry and warm.

The College’s Physical and Education (PE) tops are based on your learner’s whānau colours to create a sense of belonging and can be worn with any school supplied or nonbranded navy shorts. For those learners participating in school or representative sport, uniforms are provided and designed to be worn alongside our uniform shorts.