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BYOD E-learning

Rolleston College will provide pathways to enable learners to develop the competencies they need for lifelong learning, success, self-confidence and joy.

The school vision is based equipping young people with the skills to develop self, build communities and transform futures.

The college will be a purpose built, modern and flexible space. Our design is aimed at ensuring that the delivery of learning is innovative, learner centred, skills relevant and flexible to the needs of the learners.

The demands of our global and technology-focused economy is leading schools to place increased emphasis on students being creators of their own knowledge.

ICT will be integrated across the school at all levels and in a range of contexts to allow for anytime, anywhere learning.

The use of ICT will support and be unique to both school design and learning design. Technology is rapidly morphing from a tool used to enhance learning to one that transforms it.

Opportunities will exist to create and build on networks that exist within the college, in the local community and globally depending on the context and scope of the learning.


E-Portfolio of Learning & Reflection

The purpose of the e-portfolio is for learners to showcase work that they are proud of and/or to show progress and significant learning. E-Portfolios provide exhibit space for learners to curate and display their work.

Learners will organise and select their learning to share with with their Learning Coach and with people at home.

In 2017 the e-portfolio will take the form of a Google Site. Learners will engage with a number of basic GAFE/other applications in order to construct their e-portfolio.