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Ako Learning

Numeracy, Literacy, Passion Projects and Pastoral Care

Ako Learning.

Each student is part of a smaller Ako group of up to 23 students who meet each day for 100 minutes with their learning coach to monitor their progress, develop their personalised inquiry programme and monitor their literacy / numeracy programmes. As the school grows these Ako groups will contain mixed year levels, enabling the senior students to guide and role-model for the younger students under the principle of tuakana–teina. This ‘check and connect’ pastoral care provided during Ako time is a unique and special feature of learning at Rolleston College.


Numeracy & Literacy.

As a part of Ako Learning students will be working towards their individualised literacy and numeracy programmes. There is a focus on improving reading and writing skills during our daily ‘Rolleston Reads’, where students silently read from a wide range of resources and then reflectively write and review their thoughts on the material. Numeracy is completed largely online using Khan Academy, which is a multi-discplinary tool that provides re-windable education and differentiated learning experiences. The numeracy completed in Ako Learning time is intended to compliment the Mathematics taught in Connected Learning time.


Passion Projects.

Also known as Quest Projects, this is a time of the day for learners to complete their own individualised research into any topic that interests them. This could be anything ranging from deeper learning of a language or musical instrument, researching family history, creating and selling candles, developing musical or artistic skills, or perfecting sports skills. Passion Projects are supervised by Ako Learning Coaches and each learner presents their progress to the Whānau at the end of each term. Some of our learners made the following video which outlines the creativity and individuality expressed during Quest time.