Our Story

About Rolleston College

Rolleston College was established in 2017 and is a modern and future focused school, where we develop self, build communities and transform futures. 

Supporting learners to develop their self awareness, sense of community and their future are key values and dispositions that international research shows are important to flourish in today’s modern world and workplaces. 

The name Horoeka Haemata, gifted by Te Taumutu Runanga Ngai Tahu to Rolleston College means flourishing Lancewood. The Lancewood tree is an important and powerful image that lies at the heart of  Rolleston College’s purpose and motivation. It captures the essence of how we define the learning and personal development journey at Rolleston College. 

The tree represents education – it starts as a seed, grounds itself firmly in Papatūānuku and with love, care, and guidance it then grows up to take its place on the landscape. The branches reach out and up, always striving to reach Ranginui, therein portraying a desire to reach greater heights. It provides shelter and shade, a home and resting place for our birds and insects, and a source of warmth for our people.

A unique tree that changes dramatically as it matures, its juvenile form changes after 15-20 years to a mature tree. This also represents our learner’s journey as they transition from adolescence to adulthood, developing who they are, their identity, accepting challenges and growing through obstacles during their college journey. 

Our environment 

As a modern and future focused school, our campus has been designed to provide the best facilities possible within the physical environment that best encourages the learning process. 

Our spaces are flexible and adaptable, incorporating small and large spaces for general learning plus specialised areas for physical education, sport, technology and the creative arts. We have spaces and furniture designed to accommodate a variety of learning opportunities and styles, where learners can be grouped in large or small groups as appropriate to the learning context.