Positive Behaviour 4 Learning

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of Positive Behaviour for Learning -School Wide (referred to as Ready to Learn at Rolleston College) is to ensure the Rolleston Spirit is flourishing within our school.

What is Positive Behaviour for Learning?

Positive Behaviour for Learning: School-wide (PB4L) is a framework used by schools to develop initiatives that “support students to improve their behaviour, resilience and wellbeing. PB4L came out of the Taumata Whanonga behaviour summit in 2009. The summit recommended that the Ministry of Education look internationally for successful initiatives with a strong research and evidence base. These initiatives were then adapted to fit the culturally responsive context of New Zealand. (PB4L Overview 2015).

In November 2016, 100% of staff at Rolleston College voted to adopt the PB4L framework. The staff have a strong belief that learners need to be Ready to Learn and Ready to Flourish. If a learner performs poorly in a learning task we teach them what steps to take next, if they struggle at a particular sports skill, we teach them how to improve, if they can not play a musical instrument we teach them how to play, yet traditionally, if they behave differently to what we expect… we punish them. PB4L aims to use teaching behaviour as a tool for improving behaviour.  Click here for further information on PB4L.