International Enrolment

​​​​​​​How to enrol - Applying for a place, Student Orientation, Code of Conduct, Enrolment Conditions

Applying for a Place

To enrol for a place as an International Learner at Rolleston College simply follow these six easy steps.

1. Complete an International Enrolment form

2. Attach the required documents

3. Send us your completed Enrolment Form and required documents

4. Apply for a student visa

5. Visa Approved, let us know!

6. Lastly, take time to work Through our Pre Arrival Checklist

Student Orientation

Alongside a dedicated International Learner Orientation at the beginning of each year, Rolleston College welcomes all new Learners with a variety of orientation activities. This help establishes firm friendships and knowledge of College life in a way that allows us to learn together. Orientation activities include…  

  • Meet and greet at the airport on arrival.
  • Homestay introductions and orientation.
  • Introduction to our International Learner Support Services Team  
  • Support and planning regarding course selection.
  • Advice on learning programmes, services, and activities available.
  • An outline of school rules and ready to learn expectations.
  • A Mihi Whakatau (Maori Welcome)
  • Ako and Whanau introductions and orientation.
  • Test to determine the need for language and or classroom support
  • An overview of the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiery and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021.
  • How to make a complaint see here.

Code of Conduct

Rolleston College will ensure that positive behaviour is encouraged and acknowledged, creating a sense of community through the cultivation of mutual respect, tolerance and understanding. To this end, at Rolleston College we expect our learners: 

  • Always represent our school and themselves in a positive manner.  
  • To take pride in their appearance, wear the correct uniform and be neat and clean at all times.
  • Our learners are courteous and respectful in their dealings with others including other learners, staff and the wider community.
  • We ask learners to participate in learning without having an impact on their own or others’ learning. This means arriving at class on time with all required materials and equipment.   
  • Laptops, Chrome books and tablets are encouraged for learning at school and we ask that these come charged.  When requested by a teacher they must be switched off. 
  • While our Cyber Safety Guidelines and Technology User Agreement guide learners on appropriate use, as a College we are committed to teaching and empowering learners to take ownership of, and responsibility for, their technology use and habits. 
  • Learners will engage in behaviours that promote their own or others’ safety and well-being. 
  • We are respectful of others and do not engage in actions that can result in harm to a person or persons.  
  • Physical harm, harassment, threatening behaviour, sexual harassment, intimidation, bullying and verbal abuse of others in any form (in person or via social media) will not be tolerated.
  • Our learners are to treat their own, the school’s and other learner’s property with respect. We discourage willful misuse, damage, defacing, theft or wrongfully converting to the Learner’s own use any property of the college. 
  • Learners are responsible for their own property. No responsibility is taken by the school for loss or damage to learners’ property.
  • We frown upon any activity that disrupts teaching or the administration of the College.  
  • The use and/or distribution of material that is racist, sexist, homophobic or violent is not tolerated and must not be brought to college. 
  • As a smoke, drug and alcohol-free school, Rolleston College prohibits smoking and the possession of smoking equipment. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic liquor by learners is banned. Drug usage and possession, other than for a diagnosed medical condition, is forbidden.
  • We strive to keep our Learners safe in an environment that is free of any dangerous or hazardous materials. Substances or articles that are likely to be harmful (matches, fireworks, offensive weapons, knives etc.) must not be brought to the college.

Enrolment Conditions

When enrolling at Rolleston College, International learners, parents and or guardians must accept and ensure International Learners 

  • Abide by the College Rules, Code of Conduct and expectations regarding behaviour both at the College, and while in their Homestay and Designated Caregiver arrangement.
  • Observe and follow the laws of New Zealand. Note any disputes will be dealt with using New Zealand law.
  • Follow the conditions of their Visa. If a Learner breaks the terms of the Visa, the college will report the fact to Immigration New Zealand, which may result in the Learner having to leave New Zealand.
  • International Learners attend the college on all occasions when it is open for tuition unless prevented by illness or other urgent causes.

Any breach or repeated breaches to the college’s Code of Conduct or Enrolment Conditions may result in Restorative and or Disciplinary Procedures. Unacceptable behaviour and serious offences may result in the termination of tuition and the Intentional Learner leaving New Zealand.