Clubs and contacts for 2024.

Performing and visual arts

Art (all year) Ms. Robertshaw, Mr. Clements

Glee (term 2-4) Mr. Wall

Jazz band (all year) Ms. Carter, Mr. Elder

Jazz guitar ensemble (all year) Mr. Buyers

Music bands and clubs (all year) Mr. Hannan

Production and theatresports (term 2 & 3) Mrs. Millar

Production set building (term 1 & 2) Mr. Mulholland

Shakespeare performance group (term 1) Mr. Baxter

Show Quest (term 1-2) Miss Dalley

Vocal group (all year) Mrs. Robb


Duke of Edinburgh award (all year) Jess Love, Mr. Hoy

Junior school council (all year) Ms. McIntyre

Librarian (all year) Ms. Gallacher

Selwyn Cadet unit (all year) Ms. Green


Aotearoa Spelling Bee (term 3) Joanna Mackle

Chess (all year) Mr. Jones

Chinese (all year) Ms. Mansfield

Dance (term 2-3) Mr. Vea

Dance NZ Made (term 2-3) Miss Dalley

Film (all year) Mr. Jones

Ki o rahi (term 1, 2 & 4) Miss Johnson

Polyfest (term 1) Mr. Vea

Pride (all year) Mr. Bluck

Spanish multicultural (term 1-3) Mr. Junca


Debate (all year) Mr. Elder

History films (term 2-3) Ms. Canton

Knitting (all year) Ms. Swift

Magic: The Gathering (all year) Mr. Bluck

Maths (term 1-3) Mrs. Darroch